Kay Jewelers

The Kay Jewelry is all but new on the market. They started their journey of success back in the year 1916 and since then they developed in to one of the best and most affordable jewellers in the United States. Together with their partner firm Signet Jewellers they make the Sterling Jewellers company and they are the worldwide largest retail jewelry company.

History of the Kay Jewelry

As many of the successful stories, the story of Kay Jewelry begun in the year 1916 when two brothers: Sol and Edward Kaufmann decided to open a small jewelry shop in the corner of their father’s store. In the very beginning, they offered a lot more than just jewelry. It was possible to buy silverware and even some electric devices at their company, but later on as the business started growing, they focused on the jewelry and it looks like they made the right call since the Kay Jewelry is the number one jewelry company in the USA today.

The Assortment

As it is usual for the biggest companies in any branch, Kay Jewelers offers some really nice items and it comes with incredibly nice and affordable prices. The regular assortment includes simply everything that can be made by the jewellers. We will try to throw quick glance at the most important products they offer.

The rings they offer are really numerous and it is hard even to list them all. Still, they all have some really top features when it comes to the quality of materials and craftsmanship. Namely, all of the models can be put in several groups and the most often demanded are all sorts of wedding, anniversary, engagement and promise rings. No matter what of the listed you need, they are all of the top quality and the material used for their making is the most important feature that determines their price.